Bhanu Pro
1 min readAug 12, 2020

Things I learnt while developing shareit clone of Android app

First I started this app with the goal of developing indian version of share it app.

  1. Socket programming in Android.
  2. Connect and disconnect wifi in different versions of android ( it’s really painful to connect wifi in Android 10 )
  3. Turning on/off hotspot in Android. As some versions of android devices doesn’t support turning on wifi hotspot programmatically and from Android 9 it requires location permission and gps has to on and it gives random wifi said, password everytime.
  4. Sending and receiving java objects, text and files using inputstream and outputstream.
  5. Usage of handler, as to update the file progress from service we can’t call activity or fragment methods directly ( alternatively we can use local broadcast managers ).

You can try this app from this link.