Bhanu Pro
1 min readAug 23, 2018

New Android call recorder app for Android 2018.

Hii, this is bhanupro, I am Android application developer. I have been developing Android apps from last one year. I have developed and gave a life to several Android applications. I am working in one of the best city i.e. Bengalguru in India.

I was started learning and developing Android apps last year.

Recently one of my colleague asked

“ what is the best call recorder for Android?”

I replied with “ wait for one day I will give you best Android call recorder for you”

So after one day I shared my app link

And he was surprised with message because I have developed this app within one day.

Till now this is the best moment in my life.

And that time I remembered one quote

At a stage in life, you learn to talk less. That is, let your works do the talking. Hence, work hard in silence. The evidence will be clear for all to see. @


1.Enable or disable incoming calls and outgoing calls.

2.Enable/disable toast messages

3.Enable/disable call recording notifications

4.Add numbers to whitelist for non recording


App link:

If any feedback or appreciations or suggestions. Welcome here.